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About Us

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My tryst with art & craft has always been an exciting one. The beauty of colours and the delicate strokes of the paint brushes made my love grow fonder for all things art & craft. My years in art class has made me more precise in what I do and love it even more. Initially, I never wanted to sell my art, but something made with love and efforts brings immense joy to the one receiving it. It always has been a better option than materialistic gifts, and I for one always opt for it (my friends and family can verify that for you :P)

CraftyJugnoo is a reflection of my love for everyone to see. Handmade illustrations and customized craft products make up for the perfect and unique options for gifting to your loved ones. 

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Even though I am an individual working in this business it never feels so with the supports of my friends, family and my extended family of Crafty Jugnoo.

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